This blog shares alphabet bead craft ideas and product information to help you choose the right supplies for any craft activity. We have the largest selection of alphabet beads and number beads available online at

Pony Beads has a colorful selection of quality pony beads that are made in the USA. In addition, we have all the other supplies you need to create bracelets, necklaces, key chains, book marks and other crafts.

Plastic pony beads are barrel shaped or donut shaped beads that are very popular for all types of crafts. Since they are a budget friendly option and are available in many colors, they are a great choice for group projects or other projects where you will need a large quantity of beads. Our pony beads are 6 x 9mm and have large holes. The large holes allow the pony beads to be strung on a variety of cording.

The large selection of colors available for pony beads means that you can use these beads for many types of projects. Popular projects include: sports team jewelry, school color jewelry or crafts, breast cancer awareness jewelry or bracelets for Relay for Life.

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