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Monday, October 11, 2010

Phone Number Bracelet Beads

Moms and teachers love this ideas for little ones who are still learning phone numbers. Plus, with home phones, and each parent with a cell phone, there are so many numbers to remember! These cute beaded accessories made with pony beads and number beads can be discretely worn as bracelets or anklets. You can even create a lanyard that hooks onto the inside of a backpack.

Phone number bracelets are especially helpful for field trips or family vacations. Because kids will always have their parents phone number with them when they wear their bracelets.

Our example is made from plastic pony beads and plastic number beads. We recommend using the cube shape number beads because the holes are larger, this way you can use thick sturdier 2mm elastic cord to string the beads. For decorative touches to personalize the bracelet, add cute shapes like hearts, stars, butterflies, flowers, or sports ball beads like football beads, soccer ball beads, volleyball beads, baseball beads or basketball beads.

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