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Monday, March 8, 2010

Make Your Own Relay For Life Bracelets

You can easily make your own Relay For Life bracelets. These handmade bracelets make wonderful fundraising items and gifts. They will serve as a meaningful token of remembrance or thanks and help bring awareness to your cause. These items will be a simple, fun, and inexpensive to make for your Relay for Life Fundraisers.

Relay For Life Fundraising Idea

Create a little card to tell the story of an honored patient or other message of significant meaning. Make several copies of this card, punch a hole in the corner of the card and tie a card to each bracelet or key chain with ribbon. Bag each bracelet in a fabric draw string jewelry pouch.


Purple & White Beads
Alphabet Beads or Number Beads - spell out a special message or the year
Gossamer Stretch Cord
Charms (optional)
Jewelry pouch or mini zip lock bag

The examples below are created from plastic beads. A metal ribbon charm can be added to make the bracelet extra special. If you have your own ideas, we would be happy to help you with all the supplies you need.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Pony Bead Friendship Bracelets

Make your own party favors that your friends will rave about! These pony bead friendship bracelets are fun to make and fun to trade at parties or send to pen pals.

Plastic pony beads are available in many colors so you can create a lot of really cool color combinations. You will be able to choose from any color in the rainbow plus pearlized colors, glow in the dark colors, neon colors and glittery colors.

There are no rules to which colors you put together, but we had fun coming up with some color combos that will inspire you (see photo above).

How To Make Friendship Bracelets

It's simple! All you need are pony bead and some stretch cord. For an average size bracelet, you will need 10" of string, this gives you a few inches to tie a knot. Feel free to cut the cord longer or shorter depending on the size you want the bracelet to be. Here is a helpful hint, after you cut the cord, tape one end to the table, or fasten a binder clip on one end, this way, as you are stringing, beads aren't falling off the back end. You will need about 35 pony beads per bracelet, but you can get creative by adding glow in the dark alphabet beads, star beads or heart beads or other beads.