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Monday, February 1, 2010

Valentine's Day School Fundraising Idea

Raise money for your club or organization by making and selling Valentine’s Day Bracelet -Grams.

Using alphabet beads, create bracelets with popular Valentine’s Day messages such as “BE MINE”, “LOVE YOU”, "SWEETIE", "CUTIE", "BFF" and “I’M YOURS”. Add colorful beads in Valentine’s Day colors, school colors, or create your own unique color combinations. You can also take requests for personalized messages for an additional charge. Through this fundraiser, students can purchase a fun and unique Valentine’s Day gift as you raise money for your group.

Materials: Colorful beads such as pony beads or plastic faceted beads, elastic stretch cord to make one size fits all bracelets, alphabet beads, we offer both packages of mixed letters as well as packages of individual letters.

GROUP PROJECTS: Please call us for assistance with putting together materials for group projects for schools, churches, organizations or special events.

Instructions and Helpful Hints
First decide the sequence or pattern of your beads. Cut the appropriate amount of stringing material - be sure to add extra length for knotting. To help keep the beads from falling off the other end as your are stringing, clip a binder clip on one end, then begin stringing on the other end.

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