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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Alphabet Beads on Mosaic Tile Magnets

Create these adorable mosaic tile magnets from old dishes and alphabet beads. They are perfect for hanging your children's artwork on the fridge. (Thanks to Becky from Wisconsin for the great idea and photo)

These are beautiful and impressive but simple to make - a perfect little thank you gift for those that do a lot - parents, teachers, coaches, etc.

Materials: old dishes (thinner ones are easier to cut with tile nippers), tile nippers, glue, grout, alphabet beads, magnets, small mirrors or wood pieces to serve as a base.

Arrange pieces of cut tile and beads onto the base piece, glue the pieces down, allow to dry and the grout (follow the directions on the grout packaging for applying and cleaning grout), attach magnet to the back.

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