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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Message Pins with Alphabet Beads

Share a special message with these simple message pins. With just a few materials, you can create great tokens of expressions to celebrate a special occasion, spread awareness for a special cause, or as a fun craft activity. 

Materials: plastic lacing, alphabet beads, coilless safety pins, and decorative beads. Note that any beads that you use must have holes that are large enough to thread on to the lacing.

Simply knot the lacing onto a safety pin, string on beads, and knot at the end to secure the beads.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Pewter Alphabet Beads Pebbles

Have you seen these cute little things? They are the perfect choice of alphabet beads when creating fashionable jewelry. These beads are made in the US so the quality is exceptional. The rhodium plated pewter is durable and elegant.

In addition, this style of pewter alphabet beads are available in 22k gold plate on pewter.

The holes in these beads are about 1mm so flexible beading wire like Flex Rite or Soft Flex are perfect. Stretch cord (0.5mm) works well too.

If you want to incorporate ribbon, leather or suede, which would be too thick to fit through the holes, we have a great beading tip - click here.

Our "DREAM" bracelets are a triple set featuring Toho Japanese glass seed beads, Czech glass beads, and pewter alphabet beads, all strung on stretch jewelry cord.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Spread Holiday Cheer with Alphabet Beads

White round alphabet beads are perfect for scrapbooking projects and card making. These beads are flat on two sides so you can glue them to paper, or string them on thread or wire. They are available in mixed letters or numbers, or you can choose just the letters and numbers that you need.

Add these adorable alphabet beads to your holiday projects along with other colored beads or charms and they will surely bring a smile to everyone's face.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Alphabet Beads that Make a Fashion Statement

You may remember stringing up plastic or wooden alphabet beads as a child. Now that we are all grown up, alphabet beads can make a fashion statement - literally!

This ribbon bracelet and necklace design is simple and chic. More adult versions of alphabet beads include pewter alphabet beads, gold plated alphabet beads and sterling silver alphabet beads which are classy and modern. You will be able to create stylish and personalized pieces that will fit right into your jewelry collection.

In addition, these ribbon accessories are the perfect gift - ribbons can be tied at any length, making these pieces one size fits all.

Materials: metal alphabet beads, colored accent beads such as Czech glass beads, Swarovski crystal beads, metal beads, metal charms with large jump rings, flexible beading wire, crimp beads, crimp tool and ribbon.
1)       Cut two pieces of satin ribbon. For bracelets, cut two pieces at 20 inches each, fold in half. For necklaces cut 30” each and cut in half. (Feel free to customize the length to your own personal needs.)

2)      Layout beads in desired order, measure the length and add 4 inches. This will be the length at which to cut the flexible beading wire

3)      Attach a bead stopper to one end of the flexible beading wire. String beads. Add crimp bead to each end.

4)      Loop one end of flexible beading wire around the folded end of one piece of satin ribbon and crimp. Do not crimp too tight, create a “loop” with the flexible beading wire where it is attached to the ribbon. This allows for flexibility and movement. Repeat with on the second side.

5)      Attach charms on the ribbon. We used 8mm jump rings. This prevents from crinkling the ribbon.

We opted to string our beads on flexible beading wire to allow for a wider selection of beads that can fit on the wire. Of course beads can be strung directly onto the ribbon, however, you will be limited to beads with larger holes. The use of a needle can aid in stringing ribbon through beads with smaller holes.

No clasp is required- just tie the ribbon in a bow around your neck or wrist. If you prefer to add a clasp, you can use ribbon cord ends to attach your clasp of choice.

Sunday School Alphabet Beads

Churches love to use alphabet beads for Sunday School and VBS projects. Kids will have fun creating their own bracelet, key chain or necklace and will also have something to remind them of what they have learned in class. They will also have something to share with their friends and loved ones.

Bead craft activities are very helpful when integrated with educational or instruction programs. They can interest and help keep children focused and on task and avoid boredom.

Our examples spells the word "PRAY"  a simple, but important phrase. With alphabet beads, you can spell whatever you like. We also have several bead kits available for popular words & phrases.

Over 30 types of alphabet beads are available at Bead Bee.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

15% Off Alphabet Beads

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We have both  alphabet and number beads you can choose just the letters and numbers you need or purchase bags of mixed letters or numbers. These are great for creating name bracelets, key chains and other great activities.

If you need help planning an activitity or with selecting the right materials, please give us a call, we would love to hear from you - 407. 895. 0062.

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Alphabet Beads that Inspire (Part 1)

When using alphabet beads, the possibilities are endless but motivational saying are my favorite.

This ribbon tie necklace is created from sterling silver alphabet beads and Swarovski crystal beads strung on Flex Rite and crimped to the ribbon.

Adorable pewter charms were added for a finishing touch.

This necklaced is a great for many reasons, you don't need a clasp, but if you want to add one, simply use ribbon crimp ends. Plus, the ribbon ties are one size fits all.