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Monday, October 11, 2010

Phone Number Bracelet Beads

Moms and teachers love this ideas for little ones who are still learning phone numbers. Plus, with home phones, and each parent with a cell phone, there are so many numbers to remember! These cute beaded accessories made with pony beads and number beads can be discretely worn as bracelets or anklets. You can even create a lanyard that hooks onto the inside of a backpack.

Phone number bracelets are especially helpful for field trips or family vacations. Because kids will always have their parents phone number with them when they wear their bracelets.

Our example is made from plastic pony beads and plastic number beads. We recommend using the cube shape number beads because the holes are larger, this way you can use thick sturdier 2mm elastic cord to string the beads. For decorative touches to personalize the bracelet, add cute shapes like hearts, stars, butterflies, flowers, or sports ball beads like football beads, soccer ball beads, volleyball beads, baseball beads or basketball beads.

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Sports Ball Beads
Flower Beads, Star Beads, Heart Beads, Butterfly beads and other shape beads

Click here for beading ideas and instructions available a

Friday, October 1, 2010

Halloween "Spells" - Halloween beads & alphabet beads

My little nieces love these chunky alphabet beads and we have been using them to create garlands and decorations for every holiday. For Halloween, they wanted to make a decoration for their bedroom doors so we created a door hanger with “Happy Halloween” spelled out in alphabet beads and embellished with hanging bat beads, cat beads and jack-o-lantern beads, all strung and knotted with yarn. Have fun creating Halloween theme decorations, jewelry, key chains and other crafts with Halloween beads.

We have so many adorable alphabet beads and Halloween beads.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

How to Create a Custom Beaded Key Chain

You can very easily make your own customized key chains with a handful beads beads, string , key rings and split rings. They are simple enough for both kids and adults to make. They are so adorable and are great as fundraising items and gifts. The only materials you need are a key ring, cording, a split ring, large hole beads and alphabet bead beads to spell out a special message. No tools are necessary except for a pair of scissors.

Click here for detailed illustrated directions on How to Make a Beaded Key Chain

Monday, March 8, 2010

Make Your Own Relay For Life Bracelets

You can easily make your own Relay For Life bracelets. These handmade bracelets make wonderful fundraising items and gifts. They will serve as a meaningful token of remembrance or thanks and help bring awareness to your cause. These items will be a simple, fun, and inexpensive to make for your Relay for Life Fundraisers.

Relay For Life Fundraising Idea

Create a little card to tell the story of an honored patient or other message of significant meaning. Make several copies of this card, punch a hole in the corner of the card and tie a card to each bracelet or key chain with ribbon. Bag each bracelet in a fabric draw string jewelry pouch.


Purple & White Beads
Alphabet Beads or Number Beads - spell out a special message or the year
Gossamer Stretch Cord
Charms (optional)
Jewelry pouch or mini zip lock bag

The examples below are created from plastic beads. A metal ribbon charm can be added to make the bracelet extra special. If you have your own ideas, we would be happy to help you with all the supplies you need.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Pony Bead Friendship Bracelets

Make your own party favors that your friends will rave about! These pony bead friendship bracelets are fun to make and fun to trade at parties or send to pen pals.

Plastic pony beads are available in many colors so you can create a lot of really cool color combinations. You will be able to choose from any color in the rainbow plus pearlized colors, glow in the dark colors, neon colors and glittery colors.

There are no rules to which colors you put together, but we had fun coming up with some color combos that will inspire you (see photo above).

How To Make Friendship Bracelets

It's simple! All you need are pony bead and some stretch cord. For an average size bracelet, you will need 10" of string, this gives you a few inches to tie a knot. Feel free to cut the cord longer or shorter depending on the size you want the bracelet to be. Here is a helpful hint, after you cut the cord, tape one end to the table, or fasten a binder clip on one end, this way, as you are stringing, beads aren't falling off the back end. You will need about 35 pony beads per bracelet, but you can get creative by adding glow in the dark alphabet beads, star beads or heart beads or other beads.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Create a Custom Nursing Bracelet

While there are endless possibilities for alphabet beads, bead with numbers on them have just as much potential.

Nursing bracelets are a wonderful gift for moms with newborns because they are stylish and functional. These bracelets serve as a helpful tool for a nursing mother to help her remember the time of the next feeding.
Each bracelet contains the numbers of a clock. The three beads following the number each represent a quarter of an hour. A movable charm attached to a lobster claw clasp is clipped in place to mark the time of the next feeding. The beads are strung onto memory wire so that the bracelet is easy to put on and take off. This way, nursing mothers can also switch wrists according to which side she is to nurse from at the next feeding.

To create this bracelet, you will need: memory wire, number beads, spacer beads (example above features Czech Glass fire polished beads and sterling silver stardust beads), a lobster claw clasp and a charm. However, in example the example above, a Swarovski crystal butterfly bead is attached onto the lobster claw claps using a head pin.

The number beads you will need are a set of 15: five "1" beads, two "2" beads and one each of number 0 and 3-9. We offer the number beads in a pre-counted set so you don't have to worry about ordering each number individually. Number beads are available in white plastic, rhodium plated pewter and gold plated pewter.

Helpful Tips

1) Make sure you have a memory wire cutter, memory wire will damage other cutters that are not designed to cut memory wire  

2) After you determine the approximate length of your bracelet, cut the appropriate length of memory wire, add additional length for margin of error.

3) String the beads in sequence from bottom of the coil and push the beads to the top. Otherwise, if you start from the top and push the beads down to the bottom, the bracelet will be backwards.

"THINK PINK" Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelets

There is no better color than pink to support the bravery of those who are battling breast cancer.

These two-tone stretch bracelets are great gifts, favors for events and perfect for fundraising. Using alphabet beads, you can express a special message such as an honored patient's name, inspirational sayings or catchy phrases.

The bracelet pictured is created with pink pony beads, pearlized fuchsia pony beads, and cube alphabet beads, all strung on gossamer stretch jewelry cord.

If you are planning a fundraiser or special event, these bracelets are simple to make, budget friendly and very fun! If you need help with your ideas, please do not hesitate to call us.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

"HOPE" for Haiti Friendship Bracelets

In past several weeks, we have spoken to many people who are fundraising for Haiti by making beaded key chains, necklaces and friendship bracelets featuring the word "HOPE"

One of the most popular fundraiser crafts are beaded friendship bracelets. Alphabet beads can be accented with colored pony beads or faceted plastic beads. All of these beads are great options for fundraisers because they are budget friendly, but will allow you to create friendship bracelets that are fun to wear.
Beaded friendship bracelets can be strung on elastic cord, knotted onto hemp, braided or knotted embroidery thread. Cube shape alphabet beads are recommended if you would like to use thicker cord since cube shape alphabet beads have larger holes.

The friendship bracelet pictured features blue and red colors from Haiti's flag, created with plastic pony beads and plastic alphabet beads.

If you are using beads to create a fundraiser for Haiti, please use this coupon for 10% off your order of $36 or more, plus you will get free domestic first class shipping.
Use coupon code: BEADSFORHOPE, Expires 4/30/10.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Valentine's Day School Fundraising Idea

Raise money for your club or organization by making and selling Valentine’s Day Bracelet -Grams.

Using alphabet beads, create bracelets with popular Valentine’s Day messages such as “BE MINE”, “LOVE YOU”, "SWEETIE", "CUTIE", "BFF" and “I’M YOURS”. Add colorful beads in Valentine’s Day colors, school colors, or create your own unique color combinations. You can also take requests for personalized messages for an additional charge. Through this fundraiser, students can purchase a fun and unique Valentine’s Day gift as you raise money for your group.

Materials: Colorful beads such as pony beads or plastic faceted beads, elastic stretch cord to make one size fits all bracelets, alphabet beads, we offer both packages of mixed letters as well as packages of individual letters.

GROUP PROJECTS: Please call us for assistance with putting together materials for group projects for schools, churches, organizations or special events.

Instructions and Helpful Hints
First decide the sequence or pattern of your beads. Cut the appropriate amount of stringing material - be sure to add extra length for knotting. To help keep the beads from falling off the other end as your are stringing, clip a binder clip on one end, then begin stringing on the other end.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Number Beads for Pi Day

Math teachers have used our number beads as a fun and creative teaching tool and incorporated them in numerous activities including Pi Day which is on March 14 (3.14). Math teachers all over the country are planning to have their students make Pi Bracelets with either school colors or mixed colors.

The number beads are so cute and fun to play with that kids will love learning with them.

Creating your own Pi bracelets is simple, all you need are number beads, pony beads and elastic cording.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Garlands Featuring Alphabet Beads

Kids love stringing these beaded garlands for the Christmas tree or mantel.

Fun plastic beads like sparkly acrylic faceted beads, star beads, pony beads, Christmas tree beads, Angel beads and santa beads are festive choices for your holiday garland. You can chose bead colors that match your holiday decor or religious themes.

This is a fun holiday activity that children can do with visiting guests and create holiday necklaces and bracelets. It's a the perfect bonding activity or ice breaker for siblings, cousins, and other visitors.

Use alphabet beads to add personalized messages to holiday garlands and jewelry. Spell whatever you like and spread holiday cheer with adorable beads.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Share a Special Message with Alphabet Beads

Rhodium plated pewter alphabet beads are a gorgeous alternative to sterling silver alphabet beads. You will find these beads to be budget friendly without having to sacrifice quality.

Made in the USA, these beads are available in both rhodium (silver color) plated and gold plated finishes and are the perfect combination with 4mm Czech glass fire polished beads which come in a large variety of colors. Our example show bracelets strung on gossamer stretch cord.

I chose to spell "PEACE, LOVE, HOPE" but you can spell anything you like, matching pewter number beads are available as well.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Alphabet Beads on Friendship Bands

Here is a new twist on friendship bracelets. Not only can you spell out any special message using alphabet beads, you can also use fabric with fun patterns to add personality and create these friendship "bands".

You just need some fabric strips cut to size - about 12" x 3/4" and large hole beads. Slide on the beads and tie the bands around your wrist or ankles.